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35: Elevate! Design Workshop: Shamira Preston

October 11, 2019 Shamira Preston/Bobbi Brinkman Episode 35
Be Fabbo - A Motivational Business Podcast for Wedding Pros
35: Elevate! Design Workshop: Shamira Preston
Show Notes

Shamira Preston says she's a "southern organize-a-holic with a big heart from The Woodlands! Although I was raised in the suburbs, my heart swoons for country living and a good trail ride. I love wearing jeans and boots with my hair tossed in a messy bun but I am no stranger to high heels and being dolled up!  I love love pretty things and you can find me shopping the malls and local boutiques or spending time with my family when I’m not planning an event. 

I have my Bachelors Degree from Norfolk State University in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on business and graphic design.  I always knew I would end up owning my own business, but I believe my time in the Navy allowed me to truly master the skills I need to succeed as the owner of an event planning firm.   

Growing up I watched my aunt plan and design events for brides and couldn't wait to get my feet wet.  After shadowing her for several years and working with the event planning committee in the Navy, I felt it was time to spread my wings, in 2014 Magnolia Rose Company was founded. With over 8 years in the industry, planning events still bring me an indescribable joy, for example when I see my couples faces as they prepare to take their first kiss or the overwhelming emotion of the groom as he sees his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.  

With my passion to flawlessly execute polished events that exude quality and encompass your love story, I believe in continuing my education and dedicating time to learn new styles and trends my couples will love."

Shamira is also the Founder and driving force behind Elevate! Design Workshop being held November 3-6 in Houston Texas!

As the wearer of several hats, she is also owner and lead planner at Magnolia Rose, a bespoke full service planning and floral design firm, with a boutique approach, servicing the greater Houston area and beyond. We pride ourselves on creating a stand out experience.

Shamira Preston
Elevate! A Design Workshop for Wedding Creatives


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