Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

54: In Person Sales- Luci Dumas

September 28, 2020 Episode 54
Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs
54: In Person Sales- Luci Dumas
Show Notes

We're nearing the end of 2020,  a decidedly difficult year for most creative entrepreneurs. Should you consider doing sonmething different? Joining Bobbi and Luci Dumas for Episode of the Be Fabbo Podcast will allow you to jump start that conversation for yourself and your business. In Person Sales, DO your clients indeed deserve more than digital files?  

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Meet Luci

An award winning PPA Master Craftsman Photographer, business coach, and podcaster-Luci Dumas has enjoyed a successful, profitable and creatively satisfying full time career for over 38 years. Her first 12 years was as a high end wedding photographer. Luci switched to portraits  and is the “ baby whisperer" photographing Children, and Families in San Diego. Her “super power” is selling 3 to 8 wall portraits and albums to almost every client.  

A teacher at heart, she also loves coaching  supporting other talented photographers and creatives who are passionate about creating the business of their dreams, or just want to make a great business even more successful. 

The Profitable Photographer Podcast is her new addition to her career which has had listeners in over 60 countries so far.

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More From The Candid Conversation

6:00   Well, I do absolutely owe my career to the professional photographers of America, both the national, the state and the local organization that is affiliated with it.
13:08   I've planted seeds all along the way for them to be visualizing purchasing while portraits and albums and I keep it very simple. I don't have a lot of different choices because confusion leads to no sales.  
15:57   I feel deep in my heart that if someone is photographing a wedding or another important event, and they are not producing a finished album, or wall portraits, and they're just handing over files. For me, they're not doing their job as a professional photographer.
21:12   I'd say learn how to sell, I'd say get a mentor, have have somehow learn a system, learn how to separate your art from your work as a product.
39:14    I help people shift their intention from just trying to figure out how to sell their stuff, to how do I serve my clients best? And to set up systems.

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