Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

Transform Your Business with Automation + Workflows- Dahlia Orth

October 23, 2020 Episode 56
Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs
Transform Your Business with Automation + Workflows- Dahlia Orth
Show Notes

Planning to make some shifts away from your pain points? Want to have the life you dreamed while still being a creative entrepreneur without all the extra stress +things that overwhelm you on the admin side? This high energy episode with the vibrant Dahlia Orth will help you to transform your business by setting up strategic systems that she feels don't have to be overwhelming in order to cut your work time, be present with family + increase your revenue.

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Meet Dahlia   

Starting her journey as a photographer, she soon discovered she couldn't keep up with the admin side and forgot why she became a photographer in the first place. This led her to become a virtual assistant helping others with their pain points and now wants to automate your workflows, and help you create a business that feels effortless to manage & scale.

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Episode Takeaways Worth Repeating

  • Don't wait to setup a system until you realize you need one. 
  • The way someone else sets up their system will not necessarily work the same for you. 
  • When considering which system to pick for you business, always remember that it has to work for both you and your business. 
  • There is such thing as poorly executed workflows 
  • Start with a CRM first and then choose more systems to add. 

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Ticket To Freedom! A customized Workflow + Systems Setup tailored to refine, automate, and scale your creative business in 2 weeks flat.

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