Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

62: Why You NEED A Social Media Manager- Miya Neal

November 09, 2021 Episode 62
Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs
62: Why You NEED A Social Media Manager- Miya Neal
Show Notes

 Episode 62 is a hot topic- Why You NEED A Social Media Manager, with Miya Neal of Elise Creative Management! Maybe you immediately said "NEED"??? I am not so sure about that. When you hear the expertise of Miya and understand not only who she is but what she brings to the table you will see that it just might be time to take your social media to the next level!

This dynamo helps wedding pros & interior designers make an impact on social media, so they can save TIME & feel less OVERWHELMED. Less overwhelmed might be an overused buzzword these days but honestly, Miya is the real deal! You'll enjoy not only getting to know her but you'll find that she might be just exactly what your social media needs! Miya offers a selection of services for everyone no matter where you are in your social media strategy, from your first free consultation you'll understand what she can do for your creative business.

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10:08    I feel as though a social media manager is someone that is a part of your team that understands your vision. And what they do is you have your goals, right, you already have a marketing plan in place, but you cannot execute that social media marketing aspect.
25:25    I think when it comes to hiring a social media manager, first you have to make sure that you are financially prepared, because hiring a social media manager is an investment.
34:30    So here's a question for you..... reels, lives, feeds, where are we getting the best bang for our buck?
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