Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

63: How To Scale As A Solopreneur - Lindsay J. Williams

December 03, 2021 Episode 63
Be Fabbo - A Mindset + Business Growth Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs
63: How To Scale As A Solopreneur - Lindsay J. Williams
Show Notes

 Join in for great tips on scaling if you are a solopreneur, on putting people first--- and on leading your business with passion by keeping your clients first. Listen in as Lindsay J. Williams and Bobbi discuss that it is about serving others and you'll be so impressed to learn that she started her successful businesses with LESS than 2000 followers!

Lindsay's goal is to empower Wedding Professionals to use their own voice and story to create connections. 
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More From The Candid Conversation

5:46   I started the stationery business seven years ago, in 2014. After being totally miserable in my corporate job, I'm sure a lot of our listeners can relate here. 

9:05    100%, we cannot split up our efforts. Because then everything we do gets 10% here and 10% here and 10% here. I like to go all in on one or two things that are working, throw that fuel on the fire and go all in. So that's really what one of the things that has helped me scale my business was recognizing what worked.

 55:21    Because people aren't telling other business owners that it's lonely. It really is lonely. And we like our own cheerleaders. And we can be our own cheerleaders. But having somebody that has your back that truly wants you to succeed is so special. And I think it's underrated. 

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